For Just $7.99 you can beat chronic pain once and for all.

The solution to chronic pain is here! Download the Beatpain app from Google or Apple today!

Have you ever wondered how over the years chronic pain has gotten the better of you?  You weren’t born with it and other people who have had a similar injury haven’t got it, so why you?  If you follow the steps outlined in this App, you can fight pain and get your everyday life back once and for all.

The Beatpain app targets common areas affected by chronic pain including:

  • Leisure activities – golf, lawn bowls, running, going to parties, restaurants and the movies
  • Relaxation – reading, using computers/tablets, watching television
  • Domestic duties – cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping
  • Productivity – returning to paid employment or volunteer work

Personal care – sleep, showering, dressing, grooming

Plus lots more.

You will be guided through the program on a week by week basis, according to your specific self-identified needs. Let’s get started!


My mother is an incredibly motivated and strong woman.  I have spent my life looking up to her. In 1995 she had back pain that was later diagnosed with a Prolapsed Disc L3/L4, Spondylolisthesis, and arthritis in several Facet Joints. Treatments have helped her over the years to keep her mobile and agile, but ultimately she realised the only way she could keep doing what she wanted to do – play golf, travel, volunteer and help with the grandkids – something more needed to be done. Mum naturally sought the assistance of doctors – general practitioners, neurosurgeons, and anaesthetists – all of whom offered different advice and treatments that they believed would only take her so far.  What to do?

As an Occupational Therapist it is my professional mission to provide people with the tools they need to keep doing what they want to do.  I work hard to get people to change how they do an activity, not stop doing the activity.  Pain became my personal nemesis as I watched my mum suffer but push on, not wanting to give up. It didn’t help though, nor did patching up the problem with spurts of massage, rest, pills and gadgets.  I figured out over time that the fight against pain can be won.  Recovery can occur. Life can go on.

Beating pain only works through stealth – gently, progressively combating each step towards your end goal whether it is fishing, golf or simply getting a daily shower.  Through a combination of altering technique and gradual increase you can get each facet of your life back.  Join the fight for your life and Beatpain once and for all.


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