3 Ways to Beatpain While Driving

We spend a lot of time in a care, usually driving alone.  You will want to ensure you are comfortable before you commence your journey so that you arrive safely and not be too stiff and sore.  The following strategies will ensure you are sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat.

  1. Before shifting your car into gear, consider the position you are sitting in and ensure you have the best posture. The best angle for you back is bending slightly forward.  Also consider supporting your head by having the back rest just resting on your head.
  2. Ensure you support your lower back by ensuring that your back rests up against the chair. If you are unable to get support from the chair you can use a cushion placed in the small of your back to ensure you are in the best position.
  3. Adjust your mirrors so that you can see without moving your head. You should be able to see into your mirrors by glancing in them from your current position.  The mirrors should be adjusted every time a different person drives the car to ensure they don’t strain their neck.

If you need more strategies to beatpain, download the Beatpain app today.

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