Beatpain is here!

I am so excited to share with you the fact that the mobile application I have been working on, providing everyday strategies to assist with reducing the negative experience of persistent pain, is ready for download!  It feels amazing to have accomplished such a great outcome.

An incredible product because of the incredible input from this fabulous team:


Julie Misson – Make it APPen


Ø  Joanna Bartel, Graphic Designer

Ø  Carol Bishop, Speech Pathologist, Multimedia Speech Pathology

Ø  Steve Bishop, Voiceovers

Ø  Warwick Ford, Senior Educator

Ø  Thea Grenfell, Health Promotion Practitioner

Ø  Christine Hawkes, My mum.

Ø  Aleksandra Karwaj, Senior Occupational Therapist

Ø  Emily Plunkett, Senior Social Worker

Ø  Dr Alana Schuurs, Clinical and Health Psychologist

Ø  Cambell Shaw, Marketing

Ø  Nicole Taylor, Occupational Therapist

Ø  Alison Thomason, Senior Occupational Therapist

Ø  Dr Sarah Watts, Psychologist



Jump on board now so we can Beatpain together –once and for all. Download, share with friends and if you can spare the time, rate the app online.  Hooray!

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