How do I Manage Long Term Pain from Chronic Illness?

medical imagesLong term pain from a chronic illness needs to be managed effectively by:

  • Keeping your GP informed about changes in your health and having regular check-ups – Your GP is your first place to find out more information about traditional ways to manage your pain including the medication available which may suit you;
  • Social support from family and friends or even a support group will prevent you from becoming lonely and disengaged from others. Talking to someone else about your pain will make your pain seem as less of a burden and more of a condition that you can live with;
  • If you feel that your pain is overwhelming, contact your GP for referrals to other people that may assist with managing the pain of your condition, these Specialists could include a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Medical Specialist or a pain management clinic;
  • Positive lifestyle factors which could assist with your pain management could include a healthy diet, regular exercise, better management of stress and good sleep.

This is a very difficult situation and sometimes the only thing we can control is our thoughts. If you would like to try some alternative ways of managing your long-term pain, download the BeatPain App today.