What Complementary Therapies are there to Manage Pain?

Food AntioxidantsAcupuncture can assist to manage pain in certain areas by increasing blood flow to the area to increase circulation and repair those cells.  Acupuncture is like meditation as it allows to you relax into a non-sleep state where your mind wanders; and you feel relaxed.  It is important to relax as the fine single-use needles are strategically positioned for pain management in certain areas.  Ensure you use a practitioner that has the relevant qualifications and experience in using acupuncture needles.

Naturopaths can provide advice about how your diet affects your body.  They may also advise which foods your body reacts to and which foods will assist with healing your body.  A Naturopath may prescribe certain herbs and minerals to assist with specific ailments that you may have.

Hypnosis may assist you to manage chronic pain and tinnitus.  However, you will need to be a person who will allow themselves to be guided to ensure they can relax enough to be hypnotised.  The Practitioner will take you through some visualisations to assist you to manage your pain more effectively.  Again, a Hypnosis Practitioner must be registered and have much experience and qualifications.

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