How do I live with pain?

Pain is an essential tool for your brain to advise your body something is wrong.  If you have pain it is there for a reason and you must investigate the source of the pain and treat the pain at its source to have a good outcome.

Once you have established the source and reason for your pain you can then develop strategies to manage the pain.

These strategies can include physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, exercises, naturopathy, mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, distraction and other activities.

Physical therapy is easy to obtain as you don’t need a referral and can get a booking with a local physiotherapist in a week or two.  Massage therapists and Chiropractor appointments can be obtained in the same way.

Naturopaths will review your diet and how it affects your pain.  They may advise on a specific diet to follow and they may also prescribe natural supplements for pain relief.

Mindfulness involves accepting the pain as a necessary component of your recovery.  Once you have accepted the pain, you will not be fighting it anymore and your gradual recovery will result in less pain as you recover.  Knowing that pain is a part of the healing process allows you to accept it.

Pain management is different for everybody and it is advisable to try a different approach at a time to find out which one suits you.

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