3 Ways to Beatpain at Home

At home you can get very busy and don’t notice the pain creeping on.  You can beatpain with these strategies:

  1. Try Yoga – Downward dog is a very good position for lower back pain. You can try a few simple exercises by downloading them from the internet.  Only work within your comfort zone – do not push too hard too fast. Remember to choose them from someone that practices and trains in Yoga.
  2. Give your feet a rest – your brain gets so many messages from your feet. Give them a gentle rub or soak in some warm water. Your whole body will feel better for it. The warm sensation will allow you to move more freely.
  3. Lose weight – I know this is hard to do, but if you are eating a diet rich in sugar and carbohydrates, you will put on weight or reduce the chance of losing weight. The excess weight can put pressure on your joints and cause pain.  Consider going on a sensible diet and/or undertaking regular exercise to lose weight.

If you are looking for more strategies to beat pain, download the Beatpain app today .