How do You Live with Persistent Pain?

long road to pain managementLiving with pain can be difficult and everyone has their own experience with pain, the cause for their pain and pain management strategies that work for them.

The greatest challenge with pain is if your pain is persistent.  Some people believe that pain will never go away and they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives.  These people give up on managing their pain and believe that it will never improve.  At this point the only thing they can control with their pain is their acceptance of the pain.

Pain management can involve a range of strategies from distraction, cognitive behaviour therapy, physiotherapy, medication and other strategies.  These strategies can be obtained from seeing a therapist that specialises in pain management, talking with your doctor and specialists and having a team of people that can assist with providing strategies to manage your pain.

You may find that different strategies will work at various times.  You will need to be open minded and assess strategies as they become available.

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