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“A profound rock climbing injury presented a terrifying challenge of returning home and refashioning my life. From the early difficult period after injury to my current busy life, the Beatpain app has provided continuous high quality strategies to help me get back into life. I attribute my good health and lack of complications to Beatpain.” – Warwick

“When faced with the possibility of living with months of pain after developing shingles and having already decided that the best way forward was to continue working, I need strategies to help me achieve this goal.

The beatpain app had been recommended and I decided to give it a go.  I loaded the app onto my phone as this was the device that I would have on hand and could refer to at any time.  It was easy to follow and the step-by-step instructions, the repetition and the reward system worked for me. I was able to assess and modify the routine if needed at any time.  This app could be particularly helpful for people in isolated situations.” – Lesla

Emily’s story