The dirty words…

backbone-blur-check-721166Degeneration. It sounds like such a dirty word. I often here people with pain justify pain’s existence by describing the findings of a scan. Disc desiccation, narrowing of the disc space, loss of disc height, stenosis, bulges, protrusions or one of my personal favourites ‘bone on bone’.

What does all this really mean though?  And why does degeneration cause pain?  Well here’s the thing.  Pain isn’t caused by degeneration. We all started to ‘degenerate’ from the day we were born – wrinkles, greying hair and saggy bits and pieces and yet aren’t painful, right?

Pain is a response to threat.  So if you’re told you’re degenerating, it sounds pretty threatening.  It’s no wonder our pain increases or sticks around.

How about we think less about rotting away until we’re in the grave, and more about living well – warts n’ all.  It’s a huge step in turning the table on pain.  Download the Beatpain app to discover the next steps to living well. Beatpain. Love Life Again.