What are the Psychological strategies for Pain management?

Psychological strategies for pain management include cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness and hypnotherapy.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT involves using adaptive coping skills such as relaxation, distraction, planning and routine, and problem solving to reduce the pain of the experience.  This is a way of accepting the pain and knowing it is there for a reason and not getting stressed out by the pain.  Negative and stressful thoughts are replaced with calming and positive thoughts that assist with pain management.

Mindfulness is distracting yourself from the pain by paying attention to everything around you.   This involves using all your senses and being present in the moment.  During this process you pay attention to each moment without making a judgement.  This involves separating all the experiences from the pain itself.  By focusing on what is going around yourself, you don’t notice the pain as much.

Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state of consciousness that involves the patient relaxing to a point where you can focus yourself away from the pain and look at pain as necessary to advise you of a potential medical condition.  Hypnotherapy allows you to accept the pain and not notice it as much and live with it as a way of your body telling you about a medical condition.

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